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Planting Seeds in the Springtime

On Saturday, April 16, we were graced with a cosmic phenomena called the "Pink Moon." The moniker was given because, during this time, pink wildflowers blossom in North America. This is the springtime, after all, and everything is blooming. This is time to plant seeds in time to harvest in late summer and fall.

Speaking of planting seeds, have you done some manifestation work lately? I know what you're thinking: "Oh, Irene. Really? The "M" word? Isn't that a little woo for someone who loves Excel spreadsheets as much as you do?" Well, I do love me some Excel. But I also think that mindset is the key to creating the lives we want for ourselves. You see, I believe that opportunities are all around us, but we have internal blockages that can prevent us from seeing them. Yes, I do know that there are oppressive systems designed to hold back the progress of a lot of people. I also know that there are communities of people whose aim is to lend a helping hand. We all first have to acknowledge that WE CAN USE A BIT OF HELP, many times more than we let on. The next challenge is to be in full agreement with your entire body and soul that YOU DESERVE TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE, regardless of the past.

It won't be an Irene production if there is no tutorial, so here it is: a step-by-step guide to manifestation.

1. KNOW HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL - For many of us, we daydream based on how our lives LOOK. For example, the most common way people think about a future partner is through their characteristics: looks, career, political affiliation, etc. Know that these preferences are driven by social programming and past trauma. What you need to get in touch with is how you prefer to feel within the context of a situation. How do you want to feel in your job? The most common answers I have heard are secure, appreciated, creative. How do you want to feel in your relationships? The most common answers I have heard are desired, empowered, fulfilled. Now make your own list. Use the chart that I attached to this message if you're not sure how to describe your desired feelings.

2. BE "TOWARD MOTIVATED" - Did you know that our subconscious/unconscious mind has a hard time processing the words "not," "don't", "aren't" etc.? So when you are doing manifestation work, it is important to focus on where you want to go, instead of what you want to leave behind. Excitement vs. resentment, you dig? The former fuels the fire of motivation, the latter brings a heaviness that slows you down.

3. IMAGINE YOURSELF ALREADY THERE - Daydreaming is a lost art, especially since it turns out that it is actually good for our health. Another bonus is that when we visualize ourselves living the life we want, feeling the way we feel (see #1), we also start to become more aware when we have those actual experiences in reality. You will start to find that fulfillment, peace, etc. in small moments of your life. Once your mindset starts to change, those small moments become big ones.

4. THE ANGEL IS IN THE DETAILS - When you are doing motivation work, the more detailed your visualization, the better. Make sure you include all sensory feelings: where you are, what you're wearing, who you're with, what the temperature is, what things smell like in your ideal moment (mine is the smell of Cassava Cake cooking in the oven). Again, repeating this intricate daydreaming will allow you to be so familiar with what you want that, when the opportunity arises, and/or when the help is available, that you will know to open your arms and welcome them gladly. Because you know you deserve it.
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